Ten years ago, four reluctant heroes saved our world from total annihilation at the hands of an ancient maniacal deity. In doing so, however, they tore open a gate between our world and the next. The fabric of reality was weakened, and in the wake of this Hellgate, other rifts opened all over the planet. From every concievable reality, monsters, fiends, and beings found themselves stranded in this new and strange land.

There was chaos. There was war. While otherworldly beasts ravaged the countrysides, the cities raged with battle. The elves, dwarves, and other displaced intelligent races waged war on the humans. Then amongst each other. The streets ran with blood, and many died for no good reason, either to senseless violence, or to new plagues and dieseases foreign to our world.

In the end, governments fell, population was reduced to less than half. Metropolises were reduced to cities, cities to villages, and towns to settlements. Much of America became uninhabitable wildlands, prowled by every kind of foul creature, preying on any adventurer or trader foolish enough to cross their hunting grounds.

Welcome to the New America….

Bunkers and Badasses